Traditional Turkish minced meat pizza, served with salad

Garlic Mushroom

Freshly cooked mushrooms in garlic and tomato sauce

Mitti Kofte

Chefs speciality; pan fried meatballs of minced lamb and herbs, served with salad


Pan fried lamb’s liver served with red onions and parsley

Sigara Boregi

Rolled pastry filled with feta cheese and spinach


Chickpeas, broad peas and vegetable fritters served with humus

Sucuk Grill

Grilled spicy Turkish sausage

Imam Bayildi

Aubergine stuffed with roasted vegetables and mushrooms, topped with tomato sauce


Fried fresh squid, served with tartar sauce

Grilled Halloumi

Grilled Cypriot cheese

White Bait

Served with tartar sauce

King Prawn

Peeled tiger prawns,garlic and tomato sauce.


Pan fried mussels with special tomato sauce

Mix Hot Platter

Halloumi,Calamari,Sucuk Grill,Falafel & Sigara Boregi